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World First Foreign Exchange Products?

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World First Foreign Exchange is on your side. World First is the UK’s leading currency brokerage; Most of all, both in terms of the exceptional exchange rates they offer to clients, and also the range of products they offer to help clients manage their ongoing currency requirements. The service they provide regularly saves clients thousands of pounds on their international currency transfers in comparison to the banks, accompanied by a friendly and dedicated level of service.

In addition, this reputation for service, discretion and efficiency have seen World First become the fastest growing currency brokerage in the UK, and Service Business of the Year 2010.

World First Exchange process?
Where customers can call and speak with a professional and knowledgeable consultant about their requirements around the clock, without any obligation to open an account or use their services. World First will talk through the various options available to you, and highlight any products or transfers which may suit your particular circumstances.

While you can then call them whenever you need to discuss requirements, or receive a live market quote, which can then be booked over the phone or using their best in the class online platform.

When you book a rate it does then become contractual, and you will need to instruct your bank to send your funds to the World First account they specify. On receiving your funds, World First will conduct the transfer at your agreed rate, and make onward payment to whichever account you specify.

World First Review

Key benefits of the service

  • Better exchange rates than the banks, As a result, saving clients up to 4% on the amount transferred.
  • Faster international payments, same day in many cases.
  • Friendly and dedicated service with a personal consultant assigned to each client.
  • Access to tailored protection from negative exchange rate movements in the future.

World First Foreign Exchange Products?

  • Spot transfer - Fix your rate now for an immediate transfer using the best possible exchange rate, based on the live interbank rate.

  • Forward contract - Fix your rate now for a transfer in the future, anywhere up to 3 years in advance. hence this protects you from any potential negative rate movements between now and then.

  • Currency option - Like a forward contract these protect you from negative rate movements in the future. So, however, they also allow you to benefit if the rates then move in your favour. There are many options to choose from. And your consultant will talk you through the options that may be suitable for your particular requirements.

  • Regular transfers - World First can arrange a regular transfer order, making any ongoing requirements seamless and hassle-free. Therefore, these are ideal for paying mortgages, pension, salary and school fee transfers.

  • Firm order and market watch service?
    If there is a particular rate you wish to achieve. World First can keep an eye on the market for you, and either let you know by phone or text if your desired rate is achieved. Or they can simply set a Firm Order to automatically trade if the market reaches your desired level.

World First Foreign Exchange Services?

If you’d like to keep up to speed with what is happening in the currency market. You can sign up to receive World First’s free daily and weekly currency updates. They also provide a daily update video, tweets and you will regularly see their chief economist Jeremy Cook being interviewed on the BBC.

Meet the team?
Elisabeth Dobson, Head of Private Clients
Elisabeth manages the Private Client Desk at World First. And is responsible for over 27,000 private clients and 500+ partners worldwide. She joined World First in 2006, having previously worked as a client manager at Saatchi & Saatchi. Elisabeth speaks German and Spanish and has lived in both countries. She has a German and Business degree from the University of London.

William Wolsey, Head of Private Client Dealing
William manages the private client dealing team at World First UK. Overseeing a transactional turnover of hundreds of millions of pounds. William is also FSA authorized to discuss and implement currency options on behalf of clients.

Next steps...
Especially relevant, If you would like to talk through your requirements. And explain the various options available to you. And how they may be able to help.

Telephone: 0800 542 7488, +44 (0)207 801 9080 (if calling from abroad)


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