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Brits reveal their Christmas travel wishes

A new study has suggested that a third of Britons would rather be anywhere but at home during Christmas, preferring to be on a winter holiday.

This information comes from a poll of 1,356 Britons aged over 25. Conducted by BonVoyage, an independent cruise agency, the study originally asked those involved for their Christmas plans.

Wish You Were Here

78% of people said they already had planned this year for Christmas. Of this group, 38% then went on to say that they wished they were doing something else for Christmas. They were then given certain options to choose from, to ascertain what this might be.

68% of people chose the option of a winter holiday, making it the number one answer. This was shortly followed by skiing at 44% and taking a cruise at 21%. This, as a result, makes the top three answers holiday-related, suggesting a strong preference.

Brits reveal their Christmas travel wishes


The group that wanted to be on a cruise was then also asked why they wished to do this. Of the group, 45% reasoned that it would be a unique experience or at least an alternative to a typical Christmas.

A quarter of this group also felt it was a chance to meet different types of people during the festive period, whilst a further fifth also suggested it could avoid the stress commonly associated with the holiday season.

Travel money cards can make holiday finance stress-free as they are a safer alternative to cash and can prevent overspending whilst abroad.

Staying In

Of course, of the original five answers to the question of ‘what people would be doing’ at Christmas, the fourth answer was the option of staying at home (16%) whilst the fifth answer was to simply do nothing at all (13%).

Whilst these figures aren't as high as those for a conventional holiday, it does show the other end of the spectrum. Although the majority of those asked would prefer a Christmas holiday, there is still a small, yet arguably significant group, who would also rather stay in and do nothing.

It seems that Brits find the festive period very trying generally, with many wishing to be anywhere else, preferably doing less.

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