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Buy and Sell Travel Money Online - Compare Holiday Money Rates

Compare Travel Money Exchange Rates

Travel Money vs Travel Money Cards? What’s good about travel money MasterCard#s? The Fairfx Travel Money MasterCard has the distinct advantage of helping you to gain access to better foreign exchange rates, as well as being a sensible and popular alternative to travellers cheques or carrying large amounts of cash when abroad. You can take advantage of all the same features available with a normal MasterCard, as well as being confident in the knowledge that the Chip and PIN technology offers a heightened degree of security. The free SMS alerts informing you of how much remaining balance you have are also a unique innovation.

With travel money you can opt for buy back option where the rate you bought the currency at is the rate you can sell it back to the company, in addition you can buy travel money instantly and at the airport or at any retailer.

Compare Travel Money Exchange Rate

What’s not so good about travel money cards vs travel money? There is not a great deal to be negative about where this card is concerned. The only feature to note may be that topping up the card either through your bank or using the BACS service will take 1 full business day. This may be frustrating when travelling abroad.

Buy and Sell Travel Money Online

With travel money the rate of exchange is usually less than what you would get with a currency card.

Design - It is a standard card design, with little to distinguish it from its competitors. with travel money it just comes as it is.

Fees - There are no monthly or annual fees to worry about, and interestingly no transaction charges when using the card abroad. There will be a charge when using ATM’S though, both at home and abroad. With travel money you tend to get a lower rate than a travel money card as in most cases its a one off

Self Servicing - You can top up your card through your bank, via BACS, using a debit card or even through an SMS text message. All of those options are also free of charge. With travel money you can pop in to the bank and buy travel money at any time.

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