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Send Money Transfer to a Country - Select and Compare Prices

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Send Money by Country the cheapest way?

If you are looking for a money transfer to a country. Then you will need to convert one currency into another. Click on the drop-down arrows to find which country you wish to send money to. Once on the page, you will find several companies listed that offer this facility. Alternatively, you can work out how much currency you need on our currency calculator. Once you are sure you can then move to the next stage which is to open a currency trading account unless you have one already.

This is a simple application form where the company you choose will need to verify your identity. This is pure to ensure the company comply with money laundering regulations and the criteria set out by customs and excise. Once you have confirmed your identity you can then start trading currency. All you need to do is confirm the rate of exchange. You will get by the company and confirm the total amount you wish to buy.

To save confusion if you are buying euros and paying for in sterling. Let them know the total amount of euros you will need and work backwards this ensures no shortfall in funds.

Send Money by Country

Once you have confirmed the amount you can then book the currency with the company. Ensure you tell the company the date you need the funds to reach and they will factor this into your requirements. As if you do not need to send money for several weeks. You can book a stop loss where you ride the market while it is going up and set a rate that you don't want to go under. This maximises your money and means that you may get a better rate of exchange but if the market goes the other way you won't lose out.

Once you are ready you will need to send the company the full details of where the money is being transferred to. The company will confirm any charges but in most cases. If you are transferring over £5000 + there are normally no transfer fees but there may be bank receiving charges which will be confirmed and added to the amount you need to transfer.

All set to go you need to send the full amount to the company in cleared funds. They will then book the currency transfer on a scheduled run. (unless a large amount or indicated you want it sent immediately. This may impose an additional cost). Based on the specified period from the company the person will receive your money transfer.

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