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Currencies Direct is one of the smaller international money transfer companies out there. But that does not necessarily mean that they are bad. They have been in existence since 1996, and in my opinion. They deliver nothing short of the best time and time again. Let me explain.

Currencies Direct is not just a simple international money transfer service. You can make it that way if you wish, but Currencies Direct wants to save you money. This means you can trade however you wish to trade. Obviously, if you want to send the money quickly and easily then you can trade ‘on the spot’.

However, you can also set up the system with Currencies Direct money transfers to send your money in the future if the exchange rate hits a certain predetermined limit. This will help ensure that you can save money. In addition to this, you can also ‘lock-in’ an exchange rate for a select period of time. This is ideal for those who make regular payments and do not want to deal with any nasty surprises in terms of fees due to changing exchange rates.

One of the brilliant things about Currencies Direct is that you do not just have to transfer from pounds. Many companies, nowadays, will quite often have bank accounts all over Europe. In this case, you will want to transfer in more than pounds. CurrenciesDirect makes it simple for you. Select your target currency and the originating currency, and you should be good to go. It is quick and painless.

Currencies Direct money transfers

Currencies Direct offers some of the most competitive exchange rates around too. In fact, you can save a considerable sum in comparison to your bank on even the smallest of trades. In my opinion, Currencies Direct is one of the best companies around for exchange rates. I am sure there are companies who are a touch better, but none have a system in place quite as easy to understand as Currencies Direct.

You are able to make your trade both over the telephone and online. The latter being the simplest option, although the customer support representatives in Currencies Direct are absolutely sublime. The Currencies Direct money transfers online system is easy to understand. You should, providing you have set the system up properly, be able to make the vast majority of trades in just a couple of seconds.

With Currencies Direct it, generally speaking, it will take between one and two days for your money to arrive in your target bank account. This is, of course, far quicker than most international money transfers from banks. For example; Santander will quite often take up to five days to transfer money overseas. This means that not only will you end up paying more for the service, but it will quite often be a lot more expensive too.

Whether you are a business or an individual user, I seriously suggest that you take a peek at Currencies Direct. It really is a great system to use and even if you have never transferred currency before. You will be doing it like a pro in no time at all withCurrencies Direct money transfers.

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