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3D Markets Financial Spread Betting? 3D Markets Forex Trading brokers also engaged in offering you the services of commodity trading. With the advancement of technology and use of internet now Forex trading done online sitting at your home or office or even while travelling.

In past only banks were involved in executing Forex trading; however today multinational companies, private companies. Financial institutions and private brokers also engaged in offering you the services of Forex trading. With the advancement of technology. And the use of internet now Forex trading is done online sitting at your home or office or even while travelling.

In recent years along with Forex trading, Spread betting and CFD trading to have become very popular. More and more people are getting attracted to these types of trading and so do more brokers and financial institutions. And banks have started providing these services on their trading tools. Online trading has made mobility of money very fast. Easy and simple in which there no physical movement of money but still trading done and money transferred.

3D Markets London Limited

3D Markets offer high-performance trading of Forex, spread betting and CFD trading. 3D Markets allows you to conduct spread betting on the latest FTSE 100 and NASDAQ platform. It gives you their indices options for various commodities and Forex in order to help you to trade at best exchange rates. It is very simple to open an account with 3D Markets Forex trading on their website online and soon after opening the account with them you can start trading instantly. 3D Markets claims their services to be very simple, very cheap and executing with lightning efficiency. They also claim to provide you simply to use trading platforms which used by only one click trading or by advanced charting or by customisable screens.

3D Markets Trading Platforms

Here Forex trading done with as much as 35+ currency pairs with fixed spreads from as low as 0.8 points. You can trade round the clock at your own convenient time and from a place of your choice. It assures you complete secrecy and security of your transactions and your funds. You have a variety of options as to either how you can trade through 3D Markets, as you can trade through Web, Desktop or Mobile thereby making very easy for you in the manner that you can trade from where ever it is convenient for you.

In my opinion, 3D Markets is a flop broker for efficient trading. Their website is not customer friendly. My personal experience is of losing money with them as they tell something and do something else. They do not have the latest Meta Trader 4 platform that is very popular for online Forex trading.

Though 3D Markets try to provide you with latest market news and information they do not have Meta Trader 4 Platform that is very popular and more in use by all major Forex brokers. 3D Markets Trading have a very poor customer service and the staffs that are there to provide customer service do not know the depth of their job and thus fail to resolve its clients' issues in time. Dealing or trading through 3D Markets is just waste of time and money both.

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