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Margin Rate: %
Minimum Transfer: £5000
Transaction Fees: £0
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated

Capital IFX

Regardless of the process of moving funds there is always a risk however at Capital IFX undertake market leading initiatives to ensure that our clients' funds are as safe as possible.


Spot Rate: Buying currency at current rates
If you need to make an immediate lump sum payment such as a deposit then this is the product for you. These are called a “Spot Trade” and allow you to purchase and transfer funds to most countries on the same day.

Forward Contract: Use current rates to secure funds for a future date
This option is fantastic for property buyers who have stage payments and want the peace of mind that no matter what happens in the currency market the value of their financial commitment won’t change. These are called 'Forward Contracts’ as they allow you to use the current rate to secure forward for a date in the future.

Market Order: Buying currency at a pre-arranged rate of exchange
This option is called a “Market Order” and is particularly helpful for people who need a designated rate of exchange in order to make the transaction viable. This allows you to designate a rate that you're willing to wait for and when the market achieves that rate the currency is purchased on your behalf. This allows you to save money and use market fluctuations to your advantage

Capital IFX Limited

Your safeguards include the following:

  1. Capital IFX run two types of accounts. These are client accounts and business accounts, all of our accounts are held with Barclays.
  2. Client Accounts monies are kept in trust for the purpose of dealing on behalf of clients and are monitored strictly by our accountants and auditors.
  3. Business Accounts is used for only the day to day running of the business meaning our operational accounts are kept completely separate to the accounts held in trust for our clients.
Capital IFX Review
    - CapitalIFX is monitored by HM Customs and Excise under the provision of the Money Laundering Regulations 2008. This requires companies to have full details of their customers and to have documented records of all their transactions.
CapitalIFX Review
    - CapitalIFX sends out your funds by Express TT your monies should be within your designated account within 24 hours. However your funds usually appear in your account on the same day if we send your funds before 1pm. This applies to US and European Bank accounts only.
    - Capital IFX is a multi-million pound business that is built on the strength of its relationships and the growth is the result of exceeding the expectations of their clients and their referral of us to their friends and associates.

Product Features

  • Banks offering International Payments: Banks offering International Payments
  • Buy Holiday Money Online: Buy Holiday Money Online
  • Cash Payments: Cash Payments
  • Make Instant Payments Under £1000: Make Instant Payments Under £1000
  • One off Large Currency Transactions: One off Large Currency Transactions
  • Remittance Providers in the UK: Remittance Providers in the UK
  • Send Regular Transfers Overseas: Send Regular Transfers Overseas
  • Commission Rate: 0%

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