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Margin Rate: 1.5%
Minimum Transfer: £5000
Transaction Fees: £0
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OrbitRemit is, for the most part, much like most other currency transfer systems out there. You give the amount you wish to transfer, click a couple of buttons, and send the money. It is quick and easy. However, there are a few additional features that Orbit Remit boasts which really help to make the system great. Let me talk you through a few of them.

Orbitremit review

One of the biggest concerns I have with many money transfer websites out there is the fact that it is incredibly difficult to know where your money is. I can’t count the amount of times I have been sitting around, waiting for the money to land in my foreign bank account, only to find that the payment has yet to be sent from the original company. You don’t have to worry about that with Orbit Remit. You will know where your money is each and every single step of the way. You will know when it is expected to arrive in your count etc. You will even receive regular email alerts telling you the status of your money transfer. I don’t think there are any other websites out there which do this, so I absolutely love Orbit Remit for that.

Orbitremit Money Transfer

Of course, none of that is really going to matter if you are not getting the best possible price on the currency exchange, right? Well, don’t worry. You are always going to get some of the best possible exchange rates around when you work with Orbit Remit. In fact, the team behind the company work incredibly hard to ensure that their exchange rates are some of the most competitive around. The rates that Orbit Remit offer will always beat your bank, and they will quite often beat many of the larger money transfer companies too.

Orbitremit Money Transfers

There is a commission structure in place i.e. you will need to pay a fee to send your money. However, this works in your favour. You see, by paying this fee now, which is really quite a small amount, you will ensure that you do not have to pay a fee on the receiving end. This means that the amount of cash that you send will be the exact amount of money that the receiver will end up receiving. There are very few companies out there that do this. This, again, is something that I can heap much praise on Orbit Remit for.

Orbitremit International Payments

Finally, the customer service team, in my experience at least, at Orbit Remit, are some of the best around. They are there 24 hours a day. They are one of only a few companies that actually do this. The few times that I had to speak to a member of staff there was actually a brilliant experience. The customer service reps seemed incredibly knowledgeable and they were more than happy to guide me through the sending process. That being said, the Orbit Remit system is probably simple enough to understand that you will not need the guidance of the customer service team.

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  • Banks offering International Payments: Banks offering International Payments
  • Buy Holiday Money Online: Buy Holiday Money Online
  • Cash Payments: Cash Payments
  • Make Instant Payments Under £1000: Make Instant Payments Under £1000
  • One off Large Currency Transactions: One off Large Currency Transactions
  • Remittance Providers in the UK: Remittance Providers in the UK
  • Send Regular Transfers Overseas: Send Regular Transfers Overseas
  • Commission Rate: 0%

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