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1 GBP = 1.11349 EUR
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1 EUR = 0.8981 GBP

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Our Guide to Currency Exchange - Send Money Home PDF

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Send money home has several books written to assist consumers and businesses on saving money when making international currency transfers This easy to download PDF is for personal /private consumers that are looking for how to make a currency transfer, what are the alternatives they have and how much they could potentially save when making international currency transfers.

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Send Money Home PDF

Below is our currency audit form, which is free to use and is ideal if you are looking to see if the currency company you are using is currently offering a competitive rate of exchange, out of 100 currency audit forms we tested on the rate of exchange offered 80% were offering an un competitive rate of exchange, where in 47% of these cases consumers where charged over 3% more than they should have.

Guide to Currency Exchange

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