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Axia Fx Ltd - International Money Transfers

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Send Money Home is pleased to recommend the services of AxiaFx Ltd. AxiaFX foreign exchange rates services which include large and one-off International Money Transfers payments. AxiaFX international payments service is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses who need to pay overseas suppliers or repatriate revenue.

AxiaFX offers a secure and easy solution for your international money transfer needs. Whether you need to transfer currency to purchase property abroad, you are planning to move overseas or have regular payment plan commitments in your home country, with AxiaFX international payments service where you can transfer money to Europe.

Send money to Australia and many other countries and get great rates and outstanding customer service around the clock. AxiaFX International money transfers services are fast and secure and will save you currency transfers. AxiaFX foreign exchange rates services with low fees (and even no fees on transfers over £5000k).

AxiaFx Limited

AxiaFX International money transfers services offer:

  • AxiaFx Ltd offer Significant cost savings
  • AxiaFx Ltd offer Price and cost transparency
  • AxiaFx Ltd offer Same day payments
  • AxiaFx Ltd payment tracking and tracing
  • AxiaFx Ltd real people to talk to
  • AxiaFx Ltd exchange rates can save a business between £300 and £1,000 on a £50,000 trade.

With AxiaFX International money transfers services you can not only convert currencies but also transfer currency internationally where AxiaFX foreign exchange rates services with no fees. Register now and benefit from our unbeatable rates and service, including:

  • Axia FX exchange rates - No obligation and easy sign-up account service
  • Axia FX exchange rates - 24-hour access to live exchange rates
  • Axia FX exchange rates - Low flat fee or no fees at all
  • Axia FX exchange rates - 24/5 access to expert dealers
  • Axia FX exchange rates - Personal currency exchange service

AxiaFX Currency Exchange Rates are updated instantly every second, so they are always the most up to date available. Because our dealing process is automated and overheads are low we can set our profit margin on each trade significantly lower.Save money by using AxiaFX foreign exchange rates services.

Opening an Account with AxiaFX - Opening an account with AxiaFX Ltd you can register in two ways either by completing a secure online sign-up form where you select the Personal client or Business client or you can give AxiaFX Ltd a call and speak to one of its Account Managers who will talk you through the registration process.

Axia Fx Ltd

AxiaFX Ltd Account Confirmation - AxiaFX Ltd Account Confirmation as soon as you have registered with AxiaFX Ltd, your Personal Account Manager will contact you to give you your client reference number, to discuss your requirements and to advise you on the trading options that are best suited to your needs.

Axia FX Currency Exchange Trade - Axia FX Currency Exchange Trade when the time comes for you to purchase your currency, all you need to do is contact your Personal Account Manager to discuss a suitable level for purchasing your currency trade. Once you are happy to proceed at the given rate, you can reserve the currency over the phone. Please note that once you have instructed us to purchase the currency at the agreed rate we have entered into a legally binding agreement.

Your Deal Ticket Currency Confirmation - Your Deal Ticket Currency Confirmation once you have agreed to purchase your currency, you will be sent a “Deal Ticket” or receipt which is a detailed confirmation of your trade. This includes the cost of your purchase together with Axia Fx’s payment instructions. We may send you this confirmation by email, post or fax.

AxiaFX sends your Money Transfer - AxiaFX sends your money transfer once Axia FX has received your payment and destination account instructions the funds will be transferred and a confirmation of your payment will be sent to you.

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