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CurrencyFair Review on Instant Remittance Payments

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Currency Fair can save you 90% on your international transfer fees!

Currency Fair Review
CurrencyFair is an online peer-to-peer money remittance service that offers currency exchange solutions to consumers looking to send money transfers internationally. Currency Fair money transfer service is open to anyone that needs to exchange currency pairs with the need to send it to a bank account overseas. No matter if the current transfer is for yourself or that of a third party. CurrencyFair can help expats, businesses, and overseas property owners to send money internationally.

Currency Fair Vs High Street Banks

                                                              **Typical Bank**  **CurrencyFair**

Transfer amount £2,000 £2,000
International transfer fees £40 £3
Exchange rate margin £60 £6
Total cost of transaction £100 £9

On average you would pay? 0.35% of the amount exchanged and a fixed €3 transfer fee with Currency Fair

Send money using £5000 Euros Saving
Send money using Currencyfair £5000 €6289.40
Send money using Transferwise - 2 Day Exchange
(estimate) £5000 €6288.63 €0.77
Send money transfer using HIFX £5000 €6255.40 €34.00
Send money using Transferwise - Instant Exchange £5000 €6253.38 €36.02
Send money transfer using UKforex £5000 €6234.73 €54.67
Send money transfer using Llyods £5000 €6228.79 €60.61
Send money transfer using Travelex £5000 €6224.21 €65.19
Send money transfer using Moneycorp £5000 €6197.08 €92.32
Send money transfer using Co-operative bank £5000 €6171.07 €118.33
Send money transfer using Nationwide £5000 €6167.58 €121.82
Send money transfer using HSBC £5000 €6165.11 €124.29

*Estimated savings when comparing CurrencyFair live rates to the online published foreign exchange rates and transfer fees of the above-mentioned entities published between 1 March and 30 June 2017.