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FC Exchange Review - Forward Contract

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Since opening over 8 years ago, FCExchange has established itself as a leading London-based currency broker, with offices in Paris, Cyprus, and Alicante, transacting over £2Bn for over 12,000 registered the business and private clients.

The company offers bespoke international payment services and foreign exchange, with their unique Best Exchange Rate Guarantee, first class service, and a one-broker-per-client policy. FC exchange is authorized by the FCA, regulated by the HRMC. And has an A2 credit rating from a global rating agency, Dun, and Bradstreet. Transfers over £10,000 are free with a £10 transfer fee for amounts of less.

If you’re a business owner, purchasing property abroad, an importer or exporter, emigrating, or repatriating funds back to the UK, FC Exchange can assist you safely and quickly while saving you money. FC Exchange is defined by service, value for money and openness and honesty about how the whole process works, how they make their money, and how they’re able to save you in money as a client.

Registration is free with FC Exchange, and it won’t obligate you to trade. Simply sign up, speak to one of their expert's brokers about your requirements who’ll then suggest a range of currency transfer options and tools, and transfer your money on the same day if you send across the funds early enough.

FC Exchange Review

Choose from FC Exchange Spot Contracts to purchase your funds there and then, a FC Exchange Forward Contract to secure a currency rate for up to 24 months in advance, Limit Orders - which allow you to set a currency rate at which you want to purchase when that’s reached, and Stop Loss Orders which allow you to purchase your currency when the rate drops to a pre-specified level.

There is a minimum transfer of GBP 500 per month for making regular payment plans to ensure you secure a better rate of exchange. FC Exchange operates a Regular Payment plan to assist you in making regular international money transfers.

The Regular Payment plan facility aims to remove the aggravation and worry of making monthly Regular Payment plan transfers, whilst exchanging your funds at the most competitive rates. Regular Payment plan with FC Exchange can save you time and money, provide you with complete peace of mind, and the Regular Payment plan facility is free to set up.

FC Exchange knows that personal consumers want a way to transfer money internationally overseas at the most competitive exchange rates plus it needs to be a simple process that they understand every step of the way.
The money transfer service must also be efficient and securely and safely of funds a priority. So, whether it’s paying for large items abroad, or bringing money back, FC Exchange designed everything to make certain everything happens with as little fuss and complication as possible.

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