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IFX - International Foreign Exchange - InternationalFX

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Send Money Home working in collaboration with IFX. InternationalFX

Send Money Home are proud to work with International Foreign Exchange (IFX) to offer the most competitive foreign exchange rates available. A dynamic business with a global reach, IFX are fully geared to service International payment requirements for both Corporate entities and Individuals alike.

All IFX private clients are assigned a dedicated account manager. InternationalFX dedicated manager will take the time to fully understand your requirements and concerns, and IFX team members work with you through every step of the process to ensure that your transactions are stress-free and cost-effective.

Through your account manager, IFX will constantly monitor currency markets on your behalf. InternationalFX keep you informed of upcoming economic events, which may impact interbank exchange rates. InternationalFX will advise you on the best transaction type, depending on your requirements, and provide supporting information at every stage.

InternationalFX experts and highly experienced foreign exchange consultants, IFX assist clients to minimise the risk associated with foreign exchange transactions and currency fluctuations, whilst saving you money. Whatever your requirements, IFX will always take the time to understand individual needs, concerns, and priorities.

  • The best exchange rates with InternationalFX
  • InternationalFX Fast money transfers
  • InternationalFX 0% Commission
  • InternationalFX Free market updates

Committed to conducting business with the highest level of integrity whilst supporting the worldwide anti-money laundering effort, IFX are FCA authorised under the Payment Services Directive and all client monies are held in segregated client money accounts with International foreign exchange ltd banking partner Barclays, giving you peace of mind that your money is being transferred securely.

Step 1 – Setting up a trading account

You will need to set up your account and provide the relevant identification before you can instruct your dealer to buy or sell currency. However, opening a trading account with IFX does not cost or obligate you in any way.

To open your account international foreign exchange ltd:

  • Enter your details in the form below
  • Complete and sign the relevant application form
  • Contact our accounts team in your local office and provide the supporting documentation requested

Step 2 – Discussing your requirements

IFX can provide you with up-to-date views on market trends, market forecasts and suggest strategies to best suit your currency requirements.

The strategy your consultant suggests will depend on your circumstances, requirements, and goals – as well as any deadlines you may be obligated to. This could involve trying to achieve a target rate of exchange, or simply exchanging your funds at the current market price.

Step 3 – Transacting your currency

Once IFX has your verbal authority to purchase currency exchange, or your target exchange rate has been achieved, you will be issued with a contract note. This will detail the exchange price that has been agreed, the amount of currency purchased and will include instructions for settlement of your contract. IFX does not accept payment by cash or by any third party. The contract note will also request that you provide payment instructions for your onward transfer.

Please be aware that your verbal authority is a legally binding contract between you and IFX to purchase currency pairs. For your protection, all phone calls are digitally recorded.

IFX (UK) Ltd trading as International Foreign Exchange registered in England and Wales, InternationalFX is a registered company and InternationalFX also known International foreign exchange Ltd is authorised by the Financial Services Authority. International foreign exchange Ltd under the Payment Service Regulations 2009. IFX is in the provision of payment services and InternationalFX are registered with HM Revenue & Customs and international foreign exchange Ltd Money Laundering providers.