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OmnisFX - Omnis Capital FX Ltd

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Omnis CapitalFX Review

At Omnis, CapitalFX is confident that they offer clients real value for money. Unlike banks and other larger organisations you won't be charged a premium to cover costs, we won't charge any transfer fees and our rates of exchange will be competitive. We understand that clients want a no-nonsense jargon free experience and that they want value for money and to this end, we endeavour to make the process as simple as possible. Omnisfx can help you make savings whether you are simply transferring living expenses or are executing high-value transactions.

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Why use Omnisfx?

  • OmnisFX no commission no fee
  • Omnis CapitalFX forward contracts - fix a rate up to a year in advance ( margin required )
  • OmnisFX Ltd free transfers
  • OmnisFX segregated client accounts
  • OmnisFX Capital escrow facility available
  • OmnisFX Capital fast, same day transfers on GBP,EUR,USD,CHF & CAD
  • OmnisFX Capital Ltd accounts in UAE

Omnisfx is the trading name of Omnis capital FX Limited which is registered in England under company number 642092 - Omnisfx is registered with HM Revenue and Customs under registration number 12293997

Omnis CapitalFX is registered with the Financial Services Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009. OmnisFX - Omnis Capital FX Ltd is listed for the provision of payment services where Omnis CapitalFX Limited is an appointed representative of Independent Portfolio Managers Limited which is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority. OmnisOmnis Capital FX Ltd is international money transfer specialists.