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Margin Rate: 2%
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If your organisation trades internationally then surely you have compliance, security, logistic, supply chain and cash flow issues. CascoFX Business is based on your business so our areas of expertise integrate with your organisations DNA. CascoFX see themselves as a clients outsourced employees and they really want to do a great job, so Casco FX need to understand your challenges before we can offer you appropriate solutions. CascoFX empower your organisation to uncover the hidden bear traps that other providers won’t discuss. Casco FX give you research and solutions and our relationship is so much more than a currenct transact.

Casco FX

CascoFX currency exchange traders are some of the most reputable in the industry and bring a wealth of experience to the team here at Casco. Casco FX pride ourselves on a superior level of customer service and ultimately efficiency when it comes to making your payments. You will have the peace of mind that your money will arrive at their chosen destination promptly, securely and at the best rate of exchange possible. Saving you money is just a small part of Casco fulfilling our promises.

CascoFX Review

Spot Transactions are the most common choice for making your day to day payments. With our integrated banking and accounting platform we ensure your transactions are timed with the greatest of priority and reach their destination promptly. All transfers are made on the solidity of security giving peace of mind to our clients, this being of the utmost importance to Casco Financial.

Limit Orders - The majority of people do not have the time in their schedules to monitor the FX markets, so you can place a ‘limit order’ with one of our traders and we will do the legwork for you! The method allows you to place an order to make a payment or exchange revenues but only when the rate of exchange hits a specific level set by you. CascoFX system will automatically book your required currency and will then proceed to make the payment.

Forward Contracts - For any importer or exporter involved in regular overseas payments or receivables, forward contracts can be a useful tool in the battle against uncertainty. A forward contract allows you to book an amount of currency at an agreed exchange rate to be fixed for a certain period of time. During this time you will have the ability to draw down some or all of these funds at this agreed exchange rate.

CascoFX Limited

Forward Contract Pro’s and Con’s: On the face of it these contracts can seem to offer no downside. What is not to like? Firstly exchange rates are guaranteed, locking in budget pricing and certainty of expenses. Secondly, there is no negative impact to cash flow. However, there are many organisations now who are offering 0% margin deposit forward contracts. This trend started to increase exponentially in 2012 and we are looking at it with some alarm.

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As a responsible Payments Institution Casco Financial understands that it has a duty of care to all of our clients. Firstly to only use appropriate products so they are not exposed not only to exchange rate fluctuations, but also to cash flow implications. This not only protects any specific client but also the other clients CascoFX have responsibilities to as well.

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  • Banks offering International Payments: Banks offering International Payments
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