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Here is a review on OFX also known as Open Financial Exchange Ltd. We are delighted to announce that on Tuesday, 21st February 2017 UKForex will be changing to OFX foreign exchange company, our new global brand. With the launch of our new brand comes a new, streamlined OFX website which will also go live that day. This is the third phase of a staggered rollout that will unify all of our brands under one global brand

Open Financial Exchange Ltd

OFX stands for Open Financial Exchange where OFX currency exchange services is one the most well-known money transfer company out there, but they are certainly making huge strides towards getting noticed. On this page, I want to talk to you a little bit about my experiences using OFX to transfer money.

Open Financial Exchange Review

Right off the bat, you will see that transferring money through UKForex is actually remarkably simple. There are a few money transfer websites out there which are dreadfully difficult to use. In fact, there are a few huge sites out there, some of which boast some pretty decent exchange rates, which I won’t go near simply because they are so difficult to use. That is not a problem with OFX money transfer services. It is simply a case of typing in the amount of money you wish to send and you are good to go. The registration is completely free.

OFX Money Transfer Review

One of the things that I absolutely love about OFX foreign exchange services is the fact that you can set yourself up alerts. The purpose of these alerts will be to inform you if your selected currency pairing meets particular criteria. If it does, you can hop in there and send your payment, no hassle at all.

Send Money OFX

OFX money transfer services are one of the best sites I have ever used in terms of a number of currencies that you can transfer between. As you may well know, there are plenty of websites out there which offer just ten or so currency pairings. This is not ideal. I mean, it is fine if you are transferring between some of the bigger currencies, but any more than this and you have a problem. Thankfully, that is not an issue with OFX foreign exchange services. You can transfer in between 50 different currencies. This means you should be able to find what you want unless it is incredibly obscure, but that is going to be incredibly well.

OFX Review

One of the biggest strengths of OFX foreign exchange services is the fact that their currency exchange rates are low. Obviously, they are not going to be the lowest around, this is a small company in comparison to others out there, but the rate is incredibly low. We are talking a difference of mere pounds, even at those bigger exchanges. This means that this company certainly does deserve your business. They have worked hard to bring down their rates

Transfers through OFX currency exchange company tend to be rather quick. You can generally send money anywhere in the world within one to two days. This transfer time is actually hampered by the business that you are sending to as opposed to having anything to do with OFX currency exchange company. This makes the company one of the fastest to transfer around.

I find that OFX money transfer services is perfect for both individuals and business users. It is simple enough to use and the prices are cheap enough that this makes it a good go-to currency transfer company. You will even want to use it when you are transferring thousands upon thousands of pounds. OFX money transfer services is a good alternative to using a bank.

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