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Currency Solutions

If you have been looking into the world of money transfers for quite some time, it is likely that you will have heard of Currency Solutions. This company has been in existence for around ten years now. This makes them one of the most experienced companies out there. On this page, I want to talk you through my experience with Currency Solutions.

Currency Solutions Money Transfer

I first discovered Currency Solutions about a year ago through Trustpilot. Obviously, you can’t trust every review on this website, but the reviews that Currency Solutions did seem to attract were pretty decent (at the time they were ranked as the number one currency provider in the United Kingdom). I am glad I checked them out. The smoothness of their system and the decent exchange rates that they offered made the whole experience of dealing with Currency Solutions nothing short of perfect.

Currency Solutions Money Transfers

One of the things that I absolutely love about Currency Solutions is that they actually quote you an exact figure, sort of, when it comes to telling you the amount of money that you are able to save on money transfers through their systems in comparison to banks (1% to 3%). Most companies tend to quote wild figures which they are not able to meet (I once saw a money transfer company quote savings as high as 10%, that just is not going to happen). The constant monitoring of the market and quoting live exchange rates ensures that you are only going to get the best quotes offered when you deal with Currency Solutions.

Currency Solutions Limited

Now, money transfers can be quite a difficult business. Even transferring small sums of cash can be quite a hard affair. Thankfully, Currency Solutions is there to help. They have a team of staff in place who are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. The job of the staff is to ensure that you only ever get quoted the best possible exchange rates, and they do a pretty decent job of that too.

One of the things that Currency Solutions is well-known for is the speediness of its systems. They have devised a system which ensures that most international payments are routed quickly and easily. You should be able to receive the majority of payments in a day or two at the most. The system is incredibly secure and Currency Solutions is checked over quite regularly by the FCA and HMRC to ensure that your payments are always going to be secure.

Currency Solutions Exchange Rates

Currency Solutions deals with both individuals and business users. Both are very well catered for. This is a great sign considering many other currency exchange companies out there tend to not pay that much attention to their individual users. This is why I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Currency Solutions as one of the best companies around when it comes to transferring money online, no matter the amount that you are transferring. There is a reason as to why they attract such brilliant reviews.

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