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Margin Rate: 3%
Minimum Transfer: £5000
Transaction Fees: £0
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated


Global Web Pay Review or (GlobalWebPay) is an online remittance company that provides international money transfer payments at £4.75 cheaper than any bank.

So are Global Web Pay reliable? Start transferring money overseas today with Global Web Pay. Open your free GlobalWebPay money transfer account in minutes. There are no signup costs or on-going maintenance fees. Once your account is activated, you can send money internationally at any time to anywhere. You can immediately send up to £500 or, once you have upgraded to a Standard account, £10,000 per month.

Global Web Pay

What’s good about GlobalWebPay?

  • You can fund with your bank or debit card - it costs the same whichever method you choose.
    • You do everything online from your PC.
    • Money is paid directly to recipients’ bank accounts – they don’t need to have an account or wallet with us or collect the money from an office location.
    • Email confirmations keep you informed – they send you emails and recipient at every key stage.
    • You don’t need to provide any id for your 1st payment(s) up to £500.
    • Payments arrive quickly – normally within 24 hours of funding being received.

Global Web Pay Limited

What’s not so good about GlobalWebPay?

Global Web Pay deal with all major currencies but due to banking restrictions do not deal with all currencies but are looking to take on some obscure currencies.

What is Global Web Pay Customer service like?
GlobalWebPay money transfer services work with Envoy Services Limited to bring the benefits of their network of global banking relationships and local payment methods to the online consumer. Together, GlobalWebPay money transfer services access a global banking network of over 200 banks, used to deliver your money cheaply, quickly and securely with excellent customer service.

GlobalWebPay Limited

What is the Fee structure for GlobalWebPay.
Set structure for fees charged. £4.75 fixed fee - no additional hidden fees.

Can I trust Global Web Pay with my money?
GlobalWebPay money transfer services hold consumer and business funds in the Envoy Services Limited client account making sure your funds are protected at all times. In addition, they are authorized and registered by the FCA.

Global Web Pay review

Additional benefits and Services for GlobalWebPay

  • £4.75 fixed fee – many providers charge a percentage.
  • Better foreign exchange rates than most high street banks.
  • No hidden fees - such as correspondent or recipient fees.

Product Features

  • Banks offering International Payments: Banks offering International Payments
  • Buy Holiday Money Online: Buy Holiday Money Online
  • Cash Payments: Cash Payments
  • Make Instant Payments Under £1000: Make Instant Payments Under £1000
  • One off Large Currency Transactions: One off Large Currency Transactions
  • Remittance Providers in the UK: Remittance Providers in the UK
  • Send Regular Transfers Overseas: Send Regular Transfers Overseas
  • Commission Rate: 0%

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