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Western Union Money Transfer

The Western Union remittance services are quite often the ‘go to’ company when it comes to international money transfers. This should come as no surprise really, they have branches all over the world, and they do like to make the process as simple as possible.

Western Union Money Transfers
One of the brilliant things about the Western Union remittance services is the fact that you do not have to send to just a bank account. You can, if you wish, send the payment in cash. The recipient will then be able to pick it up at their closest Western Union foreign exchange branch. This makes the service ideal for those who may, for instance, wish to send payments to their children who may be in another country. It is not a service that you are going to use all that much, but it is still handy from time to time. You are able to send money from either your bank account (via Direct Debit) or from your card. The latter will, tend to attract higher fees, so wherever possible, you should always try and send directly from your bank account (it is easy to set up)

WesternUnion Money Transfer
As the Western Union foreign exchange services are such a large company, you will be pleased to know that they offer some of the best exchange rates around. In fact, you will actually be surprised at just how brilliant their exchange rates are considering they are mainly a high-street company (these types of company are often known for charging high fees for their services). I am not going to say that the Western Union remittance services will always offer the best rate for their services, but they are always worth checking.

One of the main reasons as to why I recommend the Western Union review is the fact that they make it so incredibly easy to transfer money and receive it for that matter. You can send all money online. It takes no more than a couple of clicks before the money is winging its way to the target account. In many cases, it will even land in the account the same day. In addition to this, you can head to any Western Union foreign exchange branch, although the rates are slightly higher, and make your payment that way. Quickly and easily.

Western Union Money Transfer Review
I honestly find the Western Union remittance services one of the best companies to deal with. I have never had to use their customer support, or even had to set foot in a branch, but by all accounts, they are easy to deal with here and have more than enough knowledge to ensure that your transaction is as smooth as possible.

Send Money Western Union
If you are looking for a company to deal with that you can trust, I really do recommend that you check out the Western Union remittance services. They are brilliant. They make the whole international money transfer process as simple as possible, and the low fees, for the most part, ensure that the money will arrive as quickly and as easily as possible. This really is the service for those who will not be transferring that much money all that often.

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